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Many years ago, people interested in lucid dreams used special devices helping in achieving lucid dreaming. They were DreamLight and its miniaturized and cheaper version the NovaDreamer. These lucid dreaming electronic devices were created by famous dr Stephen LaBerge, founder of the Lucidity Institute. Nowadays these devices are discountinued. They were replaced by REM-Dreamer, device from Poland. This lucid dream device was an improved version of the NovaDreamer device. REM-Dreamer was sold in the whole world and people gave very good reviews of it. Presently REM-Dreamer mask is no longer produced, because it was replaced by much more advanced device called the SmartLucider. This new electronic device was created by the same team of software engineers and manufacturers, which achieved success of the REM-Dreamer. It features lots of improvements over the other devices. Weight and size were decreased much. Dream mask covering almost entire face was replaced by much smaller pocket/headband. SmartLucider is much more comfortable to sleep with it on your face during the night. REM detecting algorythm has been also improved much. Programming of the device was made easier. Today, it is the best lucid dream device in the world of lucid dreaming. Also, the price of it was decreased dreamatically. The REM-Dreamer cost 147 Eur and the price of the NovaDreamer was 275 USD. The SmartLucider costs only 47 Eur. The device detects eye motion of REM sleep. When the device detects REM phrase, it gives special signal in the form of blinking lights and/or sound beeps. Final user can set all parameters of stimuli very easily through online internet website, which can be opened on smartphone, tablet, PC etc. The SmartLucider device communicates by special way with this webpage. These flashes can enter your dream and you will have dreams about flashing lights and beeping sounds. These flashing lights and/or sounds in your dream will remind you that you are dreaming during your night's dream. Thanks to that technique user can find out that this is a dream. When this occurs the user may do whatever he wants in his dream. He can teleport to Mars, meet love from high school, fly or anything like this.


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